Today's Energy Oracle Card Is...

Credits: “Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards” by Tori Hartman


There is a lot going on today. As opposed to focusing on you, it’s actually about others who need to be given the chance to display their talents. Perhaps your role today is to act as a neutral advisor. As the person who provides answers to others’ questions, you are trusted with important work. Don’t be too opinionated at this time. Try not to take sides.

Observe your situation objectively. Keep an open mind and listen quietly.

Personal Inquiry:

Is it possible for me to be neutral? How can I see my current situation from a distance?

Follow your guides into the mist. Trust that they will always protect you. Allow them to carry you through their energy and words. Right now, you are more of a follower than a leader. That’s okay. Your guides will take great care of you, so you don’t need to worry. By staying impartial, you are allowing everything to happen as it should.

Positive Affirmation:

 I am impartial. Taking sides is not necessary.