The Throat Chakra

throat chakra
  • Sanskrit Name: Vishuddha
  • Location: The centre of the throat
  • Colour: Blue
  • Element: Akasha
  • Sense: Hearing

The throat chakra is our centre of all things communication, creativity and selfexpression. The  Sanskrit word Vishuddha stems from the word Shuddhi which means pure, as well as the root word Vi which adds more power and meaning to the word. 

Therefore, Vishuddha loosely translates as ‘especially pure’. It is said that the throat chakra needs to be exceptionally clean and clear in order for it to function optimally. 

In the Hindu tradition, this chakra is depicted as a lotus flower with sixteen petals. In the centre of the flower is an upside-down triangle which contains a white moon-like circle. 

This circle symbolises this chakra’s key element of Akasha, which is the ether or universal etheric field which penetrates all life. Upon the petals are sixteen golden Sanskrit vowels which correspond to mantras and musical tones. 

While all chakras need to have a certain level of balance and openness for a strong energy body, it is believed the throat chakra is of particular importance. Several ancient texts state that physical and spiritual success in this life depends on the openness of our throat chakra. It is believed that meditation and healing this chakra can result in gaining siddhis or ‘superpowers’ that allow us to access memories from past lives, be grounded in the present and also glimpse into our future.

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