Build Your Self-Esteem From The Inside-Out

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How you see yourself is ultimately how the rest of the world sees you. Our self-esteems have a direct impact on our personal, professional and social lives. There are many things that can affect someone’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Factors such as societal expectations, childhood experiences, and inter-personal relationships all play a part in how we view ourselves.

A positive self-esteem requires work

The Solar Plexus Chakra, also referred to as Manipura located Several inches above the navel, plays a key role in how we see ourselves and how we interact with our surroundings. When you have a balanced Manipura, you are confident in who you are and the capabilities you have. You live a more purposeful and motivated life and take responsibility for your life and your actions. You become a person who people can rely on as you keep your word, while maintaining healthy boundaries.

When the solar plexus chakra is neglected and/or blocked, the adverse effects are seen.  People with an imbalanced solar plexus are often overbearing and aggressive with others as a way of covering up their low self-esteem. People who struggle with their self-esteems also have a hard time saying no and have an intense fear of failure, often because of past experiences.

Past traumas, often from our childhoods, are often carried on right through into our adulthood. Traumas such as abuse, abandonment, bullying or inadequate parenting transfer negative energies into our bodies that sometimes manifest physically. Fatigue, stomach ulcers, binging and excessive eating as well as excessive weight around the stomach are some of the ways that our solar plexus can manifest.

Love yourself

Time to put in the work

Turning things around requires much work in changing your mindset and overcoming past hurts and traumas. This might require therapy and debriefing sessions to allow yourself to let go. Negative self-worth is often accompanied by the incapacity to forgive yourself over past mistakes or things that happened to you in the past. Start by forgiving yourself.

The sooner you admit that there is a problem, the sooner you can get to healing and forgiving yourself. Take it a day at a time. Prioritize meditating to balance and clear your chakras. If available, try using crystals and gemstones such as Tiger eye, Pyrite and Citrine to regain balance.

One of the best-kept secrets on working on your Manipura is that it helps you develop great will power and the powerful ability to manifest thoughts and ideas into the physical realm. Once you realize your true self, who knows what kind of life you will manifest for yourself!