What Is Spirituality And How To Explore It


Spirituality is a concept that often misunderstood. People tend to use spirituality and religion interchangeably as some believe that it is one in the same thing. Unlike religion, spirituality is not based on a deity or needs groups of people to perform rites.

What is spirituality?

There is no right or wrong way when you are exploring your spiritual journey. Spirituality is about an individual connecting to a higher power greater than yourself. It is about seeking your divine purpose and guidance to reach spiritual maturity and to develop a sense of peace. Spiritual practices help us disconnect from the material and worldly things, and makes you understand that your life is of a higher purpose. Through these practices, we are meant to receive light and inspiration as well as receive what the universe has in store for us.  

Chakras and spiritual alignment

Incorporating spirituality into your life can greatly improve your wellbeing and help align your chakra system. Located at crown of the head, Sahasrara is the chakra responsible for connecting you to the universe.

When unblocked and properly aligned, the crown chakra has the ability to connect you to the divinity that already exists within you. Your path in life becomes clearer and you feel a great sense of calmness.

Photo by Samuel Austin

When your crown chakra is blocked, spirituality no longer seems appealing. This could result in you disconnecting to things that inspire you. Your experiences in the physical realm will start becoming more and more important to you until you no longer see meaning in your life.

Developing a spiritual life can be daunting. But the important part of it all is that you start from where you are. Spiritual maturity is a muscle that needs to be worked at. You cannot act spiritual, you need to become it.