The Benefits of Good Communication

The Benefits of Good Communication

How often have you wanted to say something, but held back because you felt your opinion was not good enough? Or don’t even try because of a crippling fear of public speaking?  Most of us yearn to reach our highest of self-expression, yet every time we try we just never get there.

Where does it all come from?

Navigating through the chakra system as a beginner can be quite daunting. It is important to understand what Vishuddha is and how it how you can open it and keep it open to be a better communicator. Vishuddha as referred to as our throat chakra is our centre of all things communication, creativity and self-expression. It is about finding your inner truth and speaking up for what you think is right.

Misalignments in this chakra often manifests in cases where you feel like you are not being heard and are being misunderstood; that you constantly need to explain yourself time and again. Realigning our throat chakra helps us seek and express our inner truths not only to others, but to ourselves. Communication is like ballroom dancing. In order for the dance to work, both parties need to be in it to take simple instructions from each other in order for them to glide through the floor.

The throat chakra helps improve your verbal and written communication skills by teaching you how to receive and understand information that next person is giving you in order for you to respond sensitively and accordingly. It is a two-way street that involves speaking and listening. Not just listening, but actually hearing what the other person has to say.

Good communication

Good communication and what it does for you

Good and healthy relationships are built on good and reciprocated communication. Aligning your energies helps you improve your interpersonal relationships. Over time, you learn how to have more mindful conversations.

Mindful communication means that you are present in your conversations and interactions. This means that you pay more attention to people’s verbal and non-verbal cues and empathize with their point of view. Investing time in improving your communication helps you prevent and resolve raising conflict much quicker. You become less reactive and more responsive. You will respond with words that improve understanding between the two of you, instead of just reacting to what has been said or done.

Being a good communicator helps you seek to understand others as much as you too would like to be understood. Your emotional intelligence increases and you learn not to take everything to heart. You tend to make fewer assumptions and ask for explanations instead.

Communication can make or break relationships. Learning to express yourself helps you develop yourself as a person who can sustain intimate relationships.