Put Your Wellbeing First


From the root to the crown, the chakra system flows hand in hand to ensure you live a happy and fulfilled life. One’s wellbeing is not something that can be attained. It is not a prize, but a pursuit. You can’t achieve purpose, happiness and fulfillment, but you can live, walk in and improve upon it.

Wellbeing does not mean the same thing is for all

While the definition of wellbeing can be universally accepted, the application and meaning in one’s life is, however, can be quite subjective. You can’t dictate to another person how they should view life when our views, personalities and priorities are not the same. We need to figure what in our lives is most important and what we can do to improve upon them.

Our chakras have an enormous influence on our wellbeing, and having our chakras aligned helps us pinpoint the areas in our minds, bodies and souls that need more attention than most. In order for us to fully tap into what bodies and souls are capable of reaching, we need to make sure that everything is in one accord.

Our wellbeing is centered around the ability to function. You need to answer the question,  ‘Am I functioning at my best today?’ This can be on an intrapersonal level according to the energies withing you. Or it could also be on an interpersonal level where you measure how your frequencies measure with others.

While one’s sense of wellbeing, in seen through fruits of gratitude, a sense of self-control and purpose, attracting positive energies is not necessarily a walk in the park.

Do your part

We tend to underestimate how much a good diet and regular exercise has on your spirit. Positive energies cannot move through a sluggish body. In order to get your wellbeing in check, you need to win the battle over your body. Your thoughts and behaviors are the first block in making a commitment to create a balanced life.


In addition to maintaining a healthy body, you need to constantly work on improving the balance of your chakra system. Each one of our chakras have a very important role to play. This means that blockage in one could cause an imbalance in the system.

Be mindful of the choices you make. The mind, body and spirit are often intertwined and improving on your overall mental, physical, and emotional health needs you to make a conscious decision.