Enhance Your Intuition And Empower Your Third Eye

Enhance Your Intuition And Empower Your Third Eye

Imagine that you had the ability to see beyond what meets the eye. Being able to experience life beyond the physical, but in the higher unseen realms too. Imagine having full and deep understanding of our existence and what your spiritual purpose is.

Understanding your sixth sense

Located right between the eyebrows, Ajna holds the truth behind the meaning of life and reason for our existence. Aligning your soul and allowing energies to flow through your sixth sense, helps you develop your intuition into full maturity.

From the third eye flows an endless well of wisdom beyond any human understanding or fabrication. It is from this chakra that we learn that your time in the physical realm is meant to be enjoyed. That death should not be feared as it is a continuation into a next life and your body is just a mere vessel.

When your sixth chakra is aligned, you are more open to movement and change. You are able to let old things go and focus on the new. One is more inclined to listen to their inner voice and let their inner learnings guide the paths you take with a sense of assurance that you have made the right decision, with no outside reinforcements. You just know that you know that it is all going to work out.

Sings of a chakra that is out of balance is are fear and frustration. Once your Ajna is blocked, sleep disorders, headaches and severe depression start to creep in.

Open up your intuition

The key to a balanced Anja is having a teachable spirit. Having access to a higher realm means that you will not always find truths that feed your ego. In order for us to gravitate closer towards the light, we sometimes have to make the necessary adjustments. You need to have a teachable spirit in order to be guided effectively.

teachable spirit

Learn to include your soul in your decision making and not just rely on your intellect. We often rely on our ego and intellect to make decisions while leaving everything else to chance. Learn to interrogate the feeling in your gut when it arises. Ask yourself, ‘what is it that I am not seeing?’

The best thing about the wisdom found in the third eye is that it is freely available for everyone. We just need to learn how to tap into it and align our energies correctly.