Learn To Receive Love To Give Love

Learn To Receive Love To Give Love

Right in the center of your being lies a secret to receiving and giving unconditional love. Some might say that this can only be wishful thinking, however, living a wholesome life filled with adoration is possible. You just need kneed to know how to access it.

Why is it important?

Love is active, meaning that it has the power to take up many forms. Everyone can receive love that is pure, fulfilling, nourishing and accepting, we just need to be open to learning how to do so. The heart chakra, also known as the Anahata, is found in the chest area. When blocked, the heart chakra can leave you feeling unfulfilled, begrudged, distrustful, judgmental and even jealous of the lives and successes of those around you.

The best way to allow energies of appreciation to flow in your life is to be mindful of all the surrounding opportunities. Opportunities can be your day-to-day experiences, the people you come across, the lessons you learn throughout the day, etc. These opportunities will not only give you a chance to receive love, but to learn how you can give love to yourself, those around you and your surroundings.  

How to receive love?

You first need to manifest the love that you wish to receive and believe that you deserve it. Start by defining what being loved means to you and envision it.  One cannot receive something you don’t make room for. You can do this by making every interaction you have work for you. Go out expecting positive energy and will attract it.


Be mindful to meet negativity with positivity. Guard your heart by not taking up any offences that might block you from giving or receiving love. Always respond with love. This also goes for past hurts and disappointments. By forgiving and releasing those that hurt you, you make room for better and more positive experiences. Practice positive affirmations about your value. Affirmations show that your intentional to change energies around you and break old patterns, making space for the new.

By doing this, you lay the foundation for you to allow others to cherish and value you. You will notice how you will start accepting compliments much better, without feeling the need to reciprocate or apologies for it. You will gain enough confidence to be comfortable enough to not to compare your life to others or hold grudges. Radiating energy that says to others that not only do you know you deserve love, you know how to receive love.

Love is a basic need, and accepting that you are deserving of it will help you fill your cup so you can fill others’.