Today's Energy:

Today is a day for mindful movement. If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut – whether it’s due to overly-familiar habits or being physically stagnant – a nice, half-hour stroll will help get your energy flowing in a positive direction. Sometimes energy gets trapped in one area or travels in a loop that’s too tight. You may feel that you’ve been spinning your wheels and not going anywhere. Introducing something new to your routine will jolt your system, providing the little wake-up call your soul needs to find movement in its journey.

Chakra Healing:

Try walking barefoot on the Earth so that its energy can lend strength to your own. Your movement will help stir up the energy that’s been dormant in your root chakra and release it, to flow up to the other chakras. The energy of this chakra serves as the foundation of your mind-body-spirit connection. When aligned, the rest of your energetic body feels supported. In turn, that energy can be directed towards spiritual well-being and growth.

Mindfulness Meditation:

In the spirit of today’s energy, this is a walking meditation. When you go for a walk, don’t choose to go somewhere in particular. With nowhere to go, you do not rush. Let your mind and feet wander where they will, without judgement. Feel out the world around you with your senses. How does it smell/sound/feel? Know that seeing is feeling the world too. Do not name what you feel. As you walk, feel the warmth at the base of your spine as your root chakra gathers energy with each stride. Feel your body’s vigor and power. Allow that energy to fuel your passion, your spirit, your work, your love.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I restore my spirit with the motions of the body, moving without purpose allows my soul to find its own direction.