Today's Energy:

Signs of rebirth are strong today. Energy is constantly changing its form, manifesting as different thing-events. But in order for the currents of energy to keep flowing, some things must pass away for others to be brought into being. One of the most common occurrences of this is the food we eat: we transform the energy of another being into the energy matrix of our body. Without this tendency of constant change, the energy of the Universe would be static and lifeless. Accepting the ever-changing patterns of energy allows us our mind-body-spirit to open fully to the energy stream of the Cosmos, through which we are reborn.

Chakra Healing:

Our crown chakra is the central point where the energy that makes up ourselves meets the energy of the Universe. If we do not allow ourselves to change and flow with the events of life, we are unable to make room for the influx of energy that renews us. The old patterns, habits, thoughts that we cling to must fall away if we are to truly connect with the Cosmos.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Lie flat on the ground and breathe gently with your eyes closed. Let the life-energy of the breath flow naturally with no force or interference. The ground is there to support you. Feel it lifting you up, cradling you in this time of transformation. Feel the brilliant white light just above your head start to build and rotate. Keeping your eyes closed and trusting your body, shift positions until you’re able to touch the crown of your head to the ground: you may even try a head/handstand if you are careful. This change of orientation helps to catalyse a shift in perspective. Release the fears of change and death, for they are what keep you closed off from universal energy. Shift again until you’re seated upright and breathe as the cosmic energy rushes into the space that has cleared away. Take a few steadying breaths before returning to the flow of your day.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I allow the energy that no longer serves me to pass away, so that space is prepared for the energy of the Universe that I receive today.”