Today's Energy:

Today’s energy is like a spider’s web, radiating out from a central point and connected with everything else. Your heart is this central point. Just as the heart chakra serves as the fulcrum for the six other energy centers of our body – balancing our physical being of the lower chakras with our intuitive/spiritual of the higher chakras – the energy around you today serves to put you in touch with the rest of your microcosm. You are unified and connected. Release feelings of isolation and embrace the support of your community.

Chakra Healing:

The heart chakra glows green in the center of your chest. It’s where we feel love, but it’s also where we feel hurt. Turning green with envy happens when the heart chakra is blocked: we feel jealousy at another person’s success rather than joy. Bitterness replaces love. Forgiveness is one path that will allow you to cultivate a green energy that is life affirming and open to feel the perfection of your soul’s path. Forgiving yourself for mistakes you made or the way you responded to the emotions of others is the first step. Then your heart chakra will be open to feel the vibrations of love underlying every connection in the energetic web.

Mindfulness Meditation:

The heart chakra is the home of the breath, and breath is also a way of balancing this pivotal point of our mind-body-spirit. Settle into a comfortable position, whether sitting, standing, or lying on the ground. Allow the air to move easily through your nostrils to fill your lungs. Do not strain or struggle to expand your chest. Let it rise and fall on its own. With each inhale, feel your heart’s position at the center of the energetic web. As you exhale, your breath spins the verdant wheel in your chest and infuses the energetic strands connecting you with all Being. You mind and body feel balanced, the energy of your body flowing with complete freedom between the upper and lower regions. Feel this connection between your own mind, body, and spirit. When your microcosm is balanced, you can connect with the macrocosm unhindered.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

My heart is the center of a great web, breath balances my heart so that love will not ebb.