Today's Energy:

Today’s energy is focused through the activity of emergence. When energy is released from you into the world, it has an ever-expanding power for change. Exactly how that change manifests is in part based upon how it emerged from your being. When we are timid and not confident in our words and actions, the energy of our will is constrained and merely trickles out. Or when we express negativity and judgement, the change catalysed by our energy does not align with our higher calling.

Chakra Healing:

The throat chakra is sensitive to both our emotional and mental energies since it is the gateway between our throat and third eye chakras. Clear blockages in the throat chakra by aligning your head and heart so that their energies emerge from you in unison. Seek balance in your expressions, drawing influence from both the mind and emotions of your body.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Find a quiet area and sit comfortably. It needn’t be dead silent, but today you will be using your voice to stimulate change in the world. Slowly deepen your breathing until you feel serenity wash over you: the background chatter of the mind fades until all you hear is the rhythm of the breath. After a deep inhale, allow a word or phrase to emerge seamlessly from the depths of your soul. Perhaps it is the simple “Om” or today’s affirmation. Feel the energy rise from your physical body, charged with the energy of the lower chakras. Massage your throat with your hands, envisioning an open blue sky between your fingers. This feeling of freedom and openness is the gateway where your energy emerges into the Universe. Allow the expression of your sound to ring clear and true, preparing your path to emerge into the day.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I emerge and let my energy surge.’