Today's Energy:

There is an air of discernment today, as you are called to separate the wheat from the chaff. Focusing on your priorities helps to make it very clear what must be done. The energy of the day will infuse these productive tasks with joy. Start on the more laborious chores in the morning and work your way through all that needs to be done. By this evening you will be feeling accomplished and rejuvenated — happy that you made the most of this productive day.

Chakra Healing:

Boost your sacral chakra. When your sacral chakra is blocked, you begin to feel stagnant and have less energy to complete what needs to be done. In alignment, this chakra allows you to easily take action and get your plans in motion.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Close your eyes and place two hands right below your navel. Feel your hands heating up. Breathe into the warmth of your hands. Begin to direct this heat inward until you create a glowing orange ball of energy. Allow this energy to activate your sense of purpose, movement, and determination. Feel the orange light radiating through your entire being, infusing you with energy that makes you want to take action. When you feel ready, open your eyes and release your hands. You will continue to feel the effects of this meditation the rest of the day.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I focus on my tasks that need to be done, my sacral chakra is aligned to make this fun.”