Today's Energy:

In order to sustain meditation in high spiritual states, it is important to nurture your body. The physical and the spiritual must be in harmony in order for spiritual growth and evolution to occur. Your body is the home for your consciousness on earth. Feeding it food that permits it to function at optimal levels is wise, as is taking the time for rest when it is needed. Do not push yourself beyond your own physical limits. Today’s energy calls for emotional processing through the body. As emotions move through you, you also release bonds keeping you tethered to things not for your highest good.

Chakra Healing:

Ground into your root chakra. When this chakra is not well cared for, the result is fear, anxiety, and insecurity. These feelings will keep you from reaching higher vibration states of spiritual consciousness because your body will tell you it is not safe to let go. Aligning your root chakra ensures you are open and receptive to evolution on your spiritual journey.

Mindfulness Meditation:

This meditation is best done outside. Stand up tall. Notice the connection between the bottom of your feet and the ground. Feel how the ground holds you up; you root chakra does the same for your chakra system. Begin to feel your root chakra becoming activated at the base of your spine. Allow the red energy to move down through your legs and feet and into the ground. Keep breathing as the energy streams through you. This is how you establish a connection with the Earth and strengthen your root chakra. Continue to breathe until your root chakra feels energized. Once you are finished, walk around for a few minutes to solidify this grounding.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I am grounded, nurtured, and safe, which allows me to explore consciousness from a secure base.”