Today's Energy:

Today’s energy is fueled by desire. Energy wants to move, wants to expand and grow. Desire is the channel through which energy can move on the physical plane. Other areas of the body and other parts of our being move energy in different ways, and desire is often rejected in more spiritual pursuits. But desire is also what connects you to the physical world and the other people who cohabitate with you. When the energy running through our desires is directed at the same old thing or is too-deeply invested in a specific outcome, our desire ceases to be a force of creation and becomes a taskmaster instead. Allow your desires to rise and fall as they will, but follow this flow of energy rather than trying to direct it.

Chakra Healing:

Allow yourself to be a force of creativity in whatever you do today. Beauty kindles desire. Write a poem about something beautiful in your life. Dance to a song you’ve never heard before. Make love to your partner under the moon. Whatever creative energy and desire arise within you, do not reject or judge it harshly: be open to new avenues that this energy finds for you to travel.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Find a comfortable seat on the ground or even lie down and stretch your body in any direction that feels good. Close your eyes and start breathing more deeply. Allow a pause of a few seconds in between each exhale and inhale. Where is desire flowing? Do not ask “What do I desire?” for the mind will be quick to intrude. Feel the energy pulse and swirl under your navel. Feel the orange ribbons of your sacral chakra spiral outward in whatever direction they will. Embrace these ribbons of energy and listen to how your body is drawn one way or another. Without thinking it over and without using your will, open your eyes and start flowing with this energy and awaken your creative force.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“My desires arise without judgment, helping me to see where my creativity and my personality may be lent.”