Today's Energy:

Today you are being asked to take some time to reflect on challenges that you have faced in your life. Consider how these events caused you to grow, no matter how difficult they were at the time. Growth is full of challenges because it forces us to leave behind what is familiar and easy for what is unknown and even painful. It is a good time to take some time to focus on yourself; journal, draw, dance, walk – do whatever you are feeling drawn to do to express yourself. Through these activities, you will see and feel how far you’ve come.

Chakra Healing:

Feel a softening around your heart chakra. When hardened, this chakra may cause you to reject the love that is being sent your way. Break down the walls that have been building from the hurt you’ve felt over the years. When you begin to unlock this chakra the energy will flow easier.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Focus on all seven of your chakras, greeting them one at a time. Quiet your mind and lay on a comfortable surface. Envision seven colorful wheels spinning in your body. Smile as you envision what resembles seven pinwheels moving easily in a summer breeze. See how the energy of one plays off the energy of the others. Feel a lightness in your body as this pure energy activates these spinning discs. For right now, in this moment, see all seven moving easily, none are blocked. When the time feels right, envision yourself pulling this line of energy up through the body, starting with the root chakra. When you reach the crown chakra see the line of energy flow into the sky like a balloon.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“My whole being is greater than the sum of my separate parts.