Today's Energy:

Patience is a virtue that must be cultivated over time. To truly receive the gifts of patient waiting requires you to surrender to natural timing. The more you try to control when, where, and how something is done, the greater frustration you will encounter. Your pushing brings you out of sync with the flow of events and can even delay or hinder you achieving what you want. Satisfaction comes from learning to relax in the moment and turning your attention elsewhere. Seek other opportunities to fill your time as you wait patiently.

Chakra Healing:

Find balance through your solar plexus chakra. When this chakra is blocked, you become frustrated because all obstacles feel like personal threats. Attuning this chakra allows you to know the right time to act and have the trust to calmly wait.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Today’s meditation is one of movement. Dancing allows you to find the tempo and rhythm of the music.  Your body feels the music and moves in relationship to it. Pick out a song that inspires you and put it on today. Allow your body to move to its beat and feel the pulse of the sound. Meditate on how you can think of all things in life as a dance, as you learn to move naturally as the energy calls you to do. This practice also helps you clear your mind and explore the sensations that feel good for your solar plexus. Shake off your worries and find your rhythm.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I dance with the natural flow of time to keep my spirits high.