Today's Energy:

Listening to your intuition, your inner knowing is integral to living a life attuned to your own true calling. Your intuition will never guide you in a wrong direction as it always has your highest good as its ultimate goal. Trust your gut, your inner GPS and where it’s leading you – whether it’s into a new relationship or guiding you out of one that you’ve outgrown. It might be nudging you to take up that hobby you’ve kept putting off as this might be the opening of true joy for you. It might be showing up in ways that are directing you to visit or even move to another location. Your intuition is very patient – it will always be there communicating – no matter how long it takes you to hear it.

Chakra Healing:

Your third eye chakra is the seat of your intuition. You are being asked to trust this inner guidance. When this chakra is blocked so too is your intuition. As you work on unblocking the flow of energy to this chakra you will correspondingly open yourself to receiving the nuanced communications from your higher self.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Light is important for unblocking this chakra. To support this meditation, attempt to do it in sunlight – or by the light of the full moon. Choose a place where you feel comfortable fully participating in this medication. Turn your head up to the sky and feel the rays of the sunlight or glow of a full moon on your forehead. Picture your third eye, located between your eyebrows, slowly opening to take in this light. Allow this natural light to fill your third eye. Know that this light is a benevolent, guiding light. When you have taken in all of the light for which your body feels comfortable, end this meditation by closing your third eye and taking either a sunlight bath or a moonlight bath in this glowing light.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I trust my intuition and the direction it guides me.”