Today's Energy:

Today is all about transformation. As we all know, words are very powerful. Words, along with other mediums of expression, transmute our thoughts and emotions into tangible reality. Through speech, we manifest our will by vocalizing what we want – and, often more importantly, what we do not want. Today, allow your energy to fly free! The energy contained in the emotions, desires, and creativity stored within you needs to be shaped and directed in the physical world. Your voice is the very instrument that can transform energy into matter. Saying “Yes” or “No” is the simplest way of shaping this transformative force.

Chakra Healing:

The throat chakra is the first of the higher chakras, and is thus the first chakra connecting the energy of your body with faith. When you are unable or unwilling to express your truth, especially when you feel fear or shame, the sky-blue energy of the throat chakra clouds over and muddles the flow of energy from your mind-body-spirit into the world. Your voice might be paralyzed in your throat or you may feel isolated because no one else could possibly feel the way you do. Overcome these blockages with vocal affirmations. You must speak out loud, even if it’s only to a flower or the great sky. When you allow your voice to be free, the energy from your throat chakra leaps forth like a lightning bolt, catalyzing the transformation of energy into matter.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Close your eyes. Focus only on the sound around you. Breathe slowly at first, feeling the vital air move through your throat to fill your lungs. Steadily increase the pace of your breathing. The rhythm of your breath begins to infuse your whole body, causing you to tingle with energy. Concentrate this building intensity in your throat and feel it crackle with life. Visualize the chakra turning into a blazing arc of electricity, just waiting to be released. Then free that energy in one, giant burst of sound! It could be a word, phrase, or an animalistic noise. Let that energy shoot from your throat chakra like a cannon, letting the whole world know who you are.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I free the electric energy of my voice, and in this spirit I show the whole world that I have a choice.”