Today's Energy:

There is celebration in the air. A rejoicing in new life that is emerging. Feel the lightness, the playful energy. Release any dour feelings today. Purposely bring a smile to your face. Find something in yourself to celebrate – one small thing like your ability to make people laugh, to a great achievement like landing a new job. Whether large or small, your accomplishments are a contribution to the co-creative power of the Universe. Through your actions, your creative energy melds with the energy of the Cosmos and contributes to its eternal dance of joy.

Chakra Healing:

Release worry and anxiety. Open yourself to a new way of thinking, a new way of being. Feel a sense of re-birth. Visualize your sacral chakra healed from hurt. Accept that you are worthy of love, of being celebrated, of being seen. What happened in the past will no longer be allowed to take up space in your life today. With this spirit, you may manifest new or more fulfilling relationships, or simply have a day in the full bliss of creativity. Today is a celebration of you!

Mindfulness Meditation:

Gently give yourself a hug, focusing on your belly. Physically wrap your arms across your stomach or visualize giving yourself a bear hug. Let your arms create a ring of vibrant yellow light around this area: a halo to bless your sacral chakra with renewed vigor. Forgive yourself for any of your past mistakes. Let the warmth of this yellow light dissipate worry and dispel any nagging doubts that you are not good, creative, or powerful enough. Give yourself permission to enjoy life. Tell yourself that you have forgiven yourself of past mistakes. Memories of mistakes or challenges that you might not have overcome may linger, but forgiveness is the crucial step to allow these pains to heal.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I am worthy of love.