Today's Energy:

Today’s energy will help you cleanse. Pay particular attention today to those areas of your life that could be washed, cleaned, or shined up. This doesn’t mean that things in your life are dirty. Things, relationships, and places are sometimes neglected because of our busy day to day schedules, so just take the time to give them some love. This attention revitalises the energy and allows everything to flow better. Are there little nagging feelings or thoughts in the back of your mind? Cleansing them, even briefly, will likewise cleanse your energy, freeing you to use it in more creative ways.

Chakra Healing:

The root chakra is where the energy in our bodies goes to be renewed, recycled, or released when it is no longer serving us. Practical, even mundane, activities are very grounding and allow us to rest from the more intense demands in our lives. But these are not simply chores to cross off the to-do list: loving attention to your cleansing activities is the real key to revitalising your energy.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Choose an activity to be the focus of today’s meditation: sweeping up around the house, organising a closet or garage, or calling someone you haven’t talked with in a while. As you begin this activity, take a few deep breaths to centre your awareness on the task at hand. As you attend, feel the motion of the energy as it moves from your body and cleanses this area of your life. Maybe when the floor shines up at you, you’ll feel the gratitude it reflects for your love and care. Be wary of your mind wandering to the future and past, caught up with what needs to be done later or past events. When your attention is in the present moment, that is when energy is able to flow most freely.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I cleanse my life with a loving heart, knowing this is what’s needed to give my energy a jump-start.”