Today's Energy:

Use today to bring forward what brings you joy. Notice you weren’t prompted to “think” about what brings you joy. You’re being asked to pay attention to what brings a flutter when you think about doing certain things that bring you joy and happiness. That thing you love doing so much that time flies when you’re engaged in it. Tell your mind to take a back seat and not label this joy-filled activity as frivolous, unimportant, a waste of time. This thing or these things that bring you pure joy is what activates your unique gifts. Consider them a valuable part of extreme self-care for they nourish your soul.

Chakra Healing:

Opening your sacral chakra frees the pent-up energy that is needed to experience joy in all its fullness. Concentrating on this energy area just below your naval opens any blockages of the sacral chakra. To live a joyful life, it’s important to allow the creativity that rests in this area to come alive.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Take a deep breath and exhale forcefully. Settle into your seat and close your eyes. Put your hands on your belly, just below your naval. Envision an orange ball of energy swirling. Notice how the orange colour is not static; it changes in shades from bronze to marigold to apricot to honey. As you focus on the changing shades, begin to think of one thing that brings you pure joy. Allow yourself to enter into a world where you are greeted by this joyful thing. Is it exploring a certain area that brings you joy? Is it an activity? Walk around the scene and engage in doing what brings you joy. Notice how when you are surrounded by this area or engaged in this activity that time passes quickly. See how you don’t doubt your creativity during this time. Allow this feeling of joy to settle into your sacral chakra. Picture your chakra opening to receive it. Whisper a promise to yourself to not keep this joy buried but to bring it to life. When you feel ready, open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“It is with joy that I do things that make me happy.”