Today's Energy:

Everyone has their own journey in life. Today’s energy encourages you to understand that others’ spiritual paths are different than yours. Even if your beliefs different, your heart knows that you are still linked by Universal oneness. You can offer love, compassion, and support for everyone, even if their choices vary than the ones you’d make in their shoes. Release you need to judge or criticize. When you tune into the wisdom of your heart, you’ll be able to respect that each person has their own sovereignty to learn and grow as they feel called.

Chakra Healing:

Open your heart chakra to embrace all. When this chakra is closed off, you forget to extend your love outward. Having a balanced heart chakra helps you to see from all perspectives. This is because you see how all is unified by love and compassion. Bringing this chakra into alignment helps you to share your love with everyone with inclusive openness.

Mindfulness Meditation:

As you go through your day, practice connecting to your heart center. When you interact with others, bring your awareness into the energy emitting from the center of your chest. If you notice it closing down, with judgemental thoughts coming into your mind, release the tension and consciously move back into a state of openness. This meditation becomes more natural with practice and helps you to better tune into your heart center. You will begin to see what triggers you to close off, and then work on figuring out how to remain open, responsive, and respectful towards others.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“My heart is open to all regardless of their beliefs; love unites us as one.”