Today's Energy:

Today’s energy feels like a familial cocoon everywhere you go. It’s like you’re meeting with a family you never even knew you had, but somehow, deep down, you can feel the connection. Naturally, our family relationships are strained sometimes, but the energy you feel today is a reminder that every person you come into contact with is part of the same, greater tribe. This connection is the universal love that is keyed to your heart chakra, the compassion that overrides all the small differences between individuals. Allow yourself to feel elation when you meet someone new, as if being introduced to a long lost cousin for the first time. When your heart center is in balance, you will always feel the security of being surrounded by loved ones.

Chakra Healing:

Since the heart chakra is at the center of our energetic bodies, it can often be difficult to feel truly balanced. Use mementos of those you loved to charge your heart’s energy so that you can share those feelings with each person you meet. Attend to your negative emotions as well, remembering that even if another person doesn’t completely align with you, they are still worthy of the compassion fueled by your heart chakra.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Collect some objects that remind you of the people you love in your life: friends, relatives, and even pets. Find a few things related to people you dislike as well, whether you know them personally or not. Array these objects in a semicircle around you so that you can see them all at the same time. As you start to deepen your breath, remember that all people have their own struggles and weaknesses. It is in this space that you can find compassion for all, no matter who they are or what they’ve done. When you look upon the mementos of your loved ones, visualize a sparkling beam of green energy connecting your heart to theirs. Use your breath to extend this practice to the others, those you have difficulty loving under normal circumstances. When you are willing to open your heart to all that is Other, you are connected to the whole Cosmos.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I extend my love to others, even when it is challenging, and acknowledge that we’re all one tribe.”