Today's Energy:

Your body has a special wisdom. It is what anchors your spirit to the physical realm. Today’s energy encourages you to honor your body for being your gateway to the realm of spirit. Contained within it are the chakra points that unite the human and divine aspects of you. Through your body, you can create new life and realities. Do not neglect the magnificent sensations of being alive in your body. Nourish it with exercise, healthy food, and plenty of physical affection. These are stimulating to your chakra system and open you to learn the wisdom your body holds.

Chakra Healing:

Rest in your sacral chakra. The Sanskirt name for this chakra, svadhisthana, translates to one’s own dwelling. This is how your body should feel for you, as it is the source of your creativity, sacred sensuality, and connection to the physical world.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Today’s meditation is a practice of sacred pleasure. Gift yourself something that brings you pleasure. This may be a piece of clothing you feel is soft and luxurious, a rich piece of chocolate, or a deliciously-made drink. Indulge in your gift to yourself, and actively take notice of how your body responds. Do you welcome pleasure? Do you try to control it? Do you overindulge? This is an active practice of learning the wisdom of your body. Mentally, you may be enjoying it, but is your body fully connected to the experience? As you engage with your pleasure, notice your 5 senses becoming stimulated. Open your body to guide you through the experience and see if it changes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

My body guides me to new levels of sensations that lead to wisdom.