Today's Energy:

For something new to blossom, something old must fall away. Today’s energy invites you to release the past to begin with a clean slate. Your emotions can become stored in your body, mind, and auric field. This leads to living a life of reaction, based on past events or previous condition, rather than attunement to the present moment. When you can accept the past and bring yourself fully into now, you are liberating yourself to act from a place of authenticity based on your current state of being. Surrender the past and open to your future.

Chakra Healing:

Purify your root and sacral chakra. These chakras help you to feel secure and grounded. Previous experiences of fear, abandonment, or shame can become stuck in these chakras, which prevents you from authentically expressing yourself and feeling safe in the present moment. Cleansing these chakras moves you into the present by releasing old hurts with love and care.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Find a comfortable seated position and close your eyes. Begin to notice your sacral chakra, just below the navel, becoming activated. As you breathe into this space, an orange swirling energy begins to emerge. Next, shift your focus to your root chakra, just below your sacral chakra located as the base of your spine. Feel the glowing red energy of this chakra becoming activated. Mindfully move the energy of your sacral chakra into your root chakra and then down into the ground. As you do this, set the intention to release reactions that are based in old wounds or past conditioning. See these chakras becoming filled with a bright white light that purifies them and brings them back into alignment with the present moment. Spend as much time as you’d like moving the energy from your sacral chakra to your root chakra into the ground, refreshing it with new energy. When you are fulfilled, return to normal consciousness and open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I release old hurts and past conditioning to freely express myself in the present moment.”