Today's Energy:

There is electricity in the air today. You may be feeling magnetized, as though you’re being pulled towards something. Trust this intuition. There is something that wants to be revealed and it will happen in a charged way. Let the bustling energy fuel your curiosity. You have the momentum to search for the answers you seek and will be delightfully surprised by what you find. Embrace the mystery of today with enthusiasm.

Chakra Healing:

Charge your entire chakra system. This is a wonderful time to release any lingering attachments to your auric field. The spark of energy flowing through you today will naturally reset your chakra system and bring it into alignment for optimal health and well being.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Stand in a comfortable position. Begin by rubbing your hands together to generate heat. Then put your hands on your lower abdomen and feel the energy move through your hands to your root chakra. Next, move your hands up to right below your navel and feel the energy move through your hands to your sacral chakra. Then, repeat the same motion at your solar plexus right above your navel. Continue allowing the energy to flow through your hands as you work your way up to each remaining chakra: throat, third eye, and crown. Generate more heat in your hands as you feel is needed between connecting with chakras. When you reach your crown chakra, push your arms upward for a nice stretch. You are fully energized and engaged.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I generate energy to follow my lead, I enjoy the momentum and move with great speed.”