Today's Energy:

Today your inner warrior is emerging. You feel fearless, ready to step into the day without reservation. You are protected by a shield of knowledge that your basic needs are met. Step into the unknown with confidence that you are being led to something bigger and better than you could have imagined. When you carry yourself with confidence through the world and feel all worries about fundamental survival melt away, this gives you an abundance of energy to power you through the spiritual growth that has been waiting for you all your life. Feed your warrior spirit and know that you are an unstoppable force of Nature.

Chakra Healing:

Focus on your root chakra. Lose any sense of being unbalanced. This chakra connects you like an anchor to universal love, to the mother ship so to speak. Feel your inner strength growing, creating boundaries, providing protection from the slings and arrows of others. These small wounds are nothing to you, for you stand unmoved like the bones of the Earth.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Feel yourself rooted into the earth. See a strong, stable red cord emerging from the earth, protecting your root chakra. Sway slightly from side to side, noticing that this protective cord does not break. It’s strong and has latitude but does not fray. Allow this red cord to begin to fuel your inner desires while also protecting your dreams and aspirations. Feel your body on fire with desire and determination. When the time feels right, notice the red cord returning to the earth. Stomp your feet to reconnect to the physical body.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I am stronger than I think. I can handle anything that comes my way because I am armed with self-love, self-confidence, and universal love.