Today's Energy:

Surprises are around every corner today. You can never know exactly what form the currents of energy around you will take. We use intuition and symbols to map out the world and navigate through it, but there are always things we can’t see or anticipate. When the unexpected occurs, it can be shocking and disorienting or wonderful and exhilarating. But we can’t know whether a surprise will be good or bad beforehand. Knowing – and judging – the meaning of an event before it occurs means it wasn’t actually a surprise.

Chakra Healing:

Clear your third eye. Our expectations are what causes a surprise to manifest as positive or negative. So, when we are able to free ourselves from expectation, the Universe is able to surprise us in practically every moment. Expectation is a useful tool, but without it, our lives become filled with boundless joy.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Expectation is centred in the mind. Thus, cleansing the third eye chakra is essential to seeing the world as a place of limitless surprise. Choose a doorway in your home or another place you are familiar with. Close the door and take three strong breaths, focusing your attention to the energy wheel in the centre of your forehead. Convince yourself that you don’t know what lies on the other side of that door. Is it a beautiful garden, the warm seashore, or someone you love on the other side of that door? You don’t know. Open the door and see! Practice this process on the same door in the opposite direction, or on other doors nearby. Each time, clear the expectations or knowledge of what is on the other side. Allow the Universe to surprise you each and every time.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I release my expectations, allowing the Universe to surprise me with all its manifestations.”