Today's Energy:

Self-contradiction happens all the time. You know what you want, but choose something else, convincing yourself it’s more practical, sound, or reasonable. However, you are called to certain things for a reason. Dismissing these prompts brings you out of alignment because you are disregarding aspects of yourself that seek fulfillment. Today’s energy calls you to act on what you truly want. Listen to your nudges of your body, heart, and spirit because they are guiding you towards unity and wholeness. Make it a point to not settle or less or choose the safer option – do what you are called to do.

Chakra Healing:

Strengthen your solar plexus chakra. When this chakra is aligned you are filled with personal power and a sense of autonomy, which allows you to act with confidence. You will not second-guess yourself or doubt your choices, which prompts you to talk yourself out of things.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Stand in front of a mirror. Place your hands on your solar plexus just above your navel. Close your eyes and breathe into this space, imagining a glowing yellow energy beginning to swirl there. Open your eyes, look at yourself in the mirror, and state outloud three things you truly desire. Feel the energy of your solar plexus pulsating on your hand as you do so. Then state outloud, “I commit to honoring these desires and act on them accordingly.” Close your eyes once more and see the energy of your solar plexus going back within. Now you have the motivation and confidence to go for what you truly want.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I choose what I truly desire and honor my inner callings.”