Today's Energy:

Today is your opportunity to move out of a rut and into creative flow. It is time to release stagnant energy. When you feel tired or drained, it is important to notice if there are addictive patterns happening in your life. If you are rushing towards food, exercise, or work, as a way to stifle emotions, ultimately what happens is a build up of pressure that diminishes your pleasure for life. Today’s energy invites you to rediscover the bliss of your body in order to activate your spiritual connection to higher chakras.

Chakra Healing:

Use movement to bolster your sacral chakra. When this chakra is too activated, you will lack self-control and be prone to emotional excess. If this chakra is closed down, you will be severely self-disciplined and controlling. To find the middle ground, you can actively align this chakra through purposeful movement.

Mindfulness Meditation:

 Today’s meditation asks you to listen to the wisdom of your body. Begin by circling your head around clockwise, slowly, three times. Then, do this counter-clockwise. Lift your arms up and begin to do small arm circles. Practice lifting one knee to the opposite elbow. Then switch and do the other knee to the opposite elbow. After doing this ten times, bend forward and let your arms hang. Notice the stretching feeling in your back. When you feel ready, stand up and place your hands below your navel. See the glowing orange light of your sacral chakra. Breathe into this chakra until you feel it is aligned.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“Movement allows me to find my pleasure, I use my body to find spiritual treasure.”