Today's Energy:

Communication is fostered today. Use the day to express yourself, whether it’s by calling someone who’s been on your mind, sending an old-fashioned letter, writing a poem or song, doodling on a notepad. Your inner desires and creative spark rest deep in your being, but that energy must be channeled through your voice and expression to manifest your dreams in the world. Find the most natural way of expressing yourself, but do it in a way that could be seen and appreciated by others.

Chakra Healing:

If you’re having trouble creating anything in your life – be it a new job or relationship, a new place to live, a new opportunity in whatever form – focus on your throat chakra and help to release the blockage. As you empower yourself to create what you really want in your life you will release some of the past hurts and insecurities that have left this chakra blocked. The energy stored in this chakra requires expansiveness like the wide blue sky.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Still yourself and quiet your mind. Conjure up an image of what you’d like to create in your life, what you’d like to bring in. Draw your attention to your throat area. Imagine yourself removing a scarf that’s been wrapped around your neck. Gently remove it and cast it aside. Rub your throat to activate the chakra. Picture a release of what is stifling your creativity. Gently ask it to leave your life, your body, and your energy. The vision you have deep inside yourself is now free to burst forth and intermingle with the whole of the Universe.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

Creativity supports my growth.