Today's Energy:

The vibration of words can affect your reality. This is why it is valuable to always tell the truth. The energy of your words is put forth, creating a ripple that changes the course of events. Any deceit is perpetuating falsehoods as reality. Today’s energy encourages you to be completely transparent. Release the belief you are protecting yourself or others by hiding something. In the long run, the truth will reveal itself. It is best for you to have integrity and be honest in your communication with others.

Chakra Healing:

Unblock your throat chakra by saying the truth out loud. This chakra becomes blocked when you try to deny or conceal information. To liberate yourself and live authentically, this chakra needs to be fully open to speaking up with confidence and bravery.

Mindfulness Meditation:

This meditation is centered upon you to practice speaking the truth while looking yourself in the eyes. When you can do this, you grow more comfortable being honest with other people as well. Stand in front of a mirror. Look yourself in the eyes and place your hands on your heart. Let your heart speak through your throat chakra. Say three things to yourself about how you’re feeling. As you say these things out loud, continue making eye contact with yourself and truly listening to what you’re saying. Acknowledge your own truth and let yourself be heard. This may be an emotional meditation if you’ve been denying something to yourself and are finally allowing it to come forth. When you are finished, thank yourself for having the courage to speak from the heart.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

Speaking the truth is how trust and authenticity flourish in my life.