Today's Energy:

Today’s energy is extra potent for any form of healing. Whether it’s healing something inside yourself, a loved one, a total stranger, or anything else under the Sun, feel out how the energy can be used to overcome suffering. Suffering is an unavoidable part of life, but it is how we endure and tend to suffer that demonstrates the workings of Spirit in our day to day activities. Meditation and energy manipulation along with traditional and modern medicine are all ways of easing the pains of life. But remember that true healing takes place at the core and not the surface of our being.

Chakra Healing:

All parts of our mind-body-spirit require healing and regeneration from time to time. Don’t limit yourself by focusing on a single aspect, chakra, or area of your life. Use today’s energy to align all parts of yourself and channel that healing outward into the world. This is when the Self becomes healed and whole once again.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Since all healing starts from within, you must first acknowledge the wounds and ills of your life. Choose a place for your meditation that makes you feel most at home. Even if you can’t physically be in that place at this moment, close your eyes and visualise the space around you. Tune in to your breath and let it tell you where today’s life-giving energy is most needed: you might even massage the area once you’ve found it. Ask Spirit to free you from worry and anxiety as you channel the breath to that spot. Feel your seven chakras working in harmony to deliver the energy where it’s needed most. After you’ve completed your self-restoration for the day, pass on the healing to others who are suffering. A kind word, a warm embrace, a tender kiss: each of these can be just as healing as any medicine.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“Today I choose to bring healing to those in need, and channel the life-giving energy of the Universe wherever it may lead.”