Today's Energy:

Embrace gentleness to shift your perspective. Having to push too hard or strain yourself to get towards your goals is a sign that the timing may not be right. Rather than over-exert yourself, which can lead to burnout, it is best to simply relax into the flow of the present moment. The time may not be right yet, and just like in cooking, it’s important to give your creations adequate time in the oven. Be gentle with what you are creating; give your creations the time and space they need to fully develop. When you move with grace, the timing will always be right. Relax and know you’re right on time.

Chakra Healing:

Connect your solar plexus and heart chakra. Your solar plexus chakra gives you the creative urge to manifest and your heart chakra opens you to feelings of contentment, satisfaction, and joy. When you link these two chakras, your ease and joy will influence your creative process, helping you to relax into an organic process.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Find a comfortable seated position and close your eyes. Take a deep inhale and exhale slowly. Begin to feel the energy of your solar plexus becoming activated. Notice a yellow ball of energy forming just above your navel. Breathe into this chakra and feel the confidence it offers you. Then start to feel your heart chakra. See it gently emerging as a green ball of energy. Take a deep breath into this space and on the exhale draw the energy downward to mix with the energy of your solar plexus. Set the intention to be gentle in the pursuit of your goals. Meditate in this space for as long as you feel called. When you are fulfilled, calm, and serene, return to normal consciousness and open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I trust the timing of my creative process and proceed with gentleness.”