Today's Energy:

Desire and vitality are deeply intertwined. When you are able to acknowledge what lights you up from within, you are free to live in an optimal state of energetic well being. Today’s energy calls for you to tend to the flow of your sexual energy. Sexual energy does more than physically stimulate you. It also moves you to express your powers of creation and manifestation. Every action happens through sexual energy being transformed into creative movement.

Chakra Healing:

Tend to your sacral chakra today. When this chakra becomes blocked, passion for life becomes lost. When it is balanced, you are able to give and receive sexual energy in a healthy way. This chakra is the seat of creativity. In order to manifest your soul’s purpose, as guided by the higher chakras, the sacral chakra needs to be flourishing.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Close your eyes and envision your sacral chakra opening up just below the navel. Notice its swirling orange energy. As you breathe into your sacral chakra, set the intention for any blocks to be released. Notice changes in color, texture, or swirling pattern of the energy, and feel the blocks melting away. Continue to breathe here until you feel energized. Open your eyes and perform three sunrise stretches: lift your arms up the sky and then gently bend forward until your hands touch the ground. Raise your body and put your arms in the air again, and then repeat.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I cleanse the sources of my creation, I manifest my soul’s formation.”