Today's Energy:

The energy of the day supports love in all forms, for love is really the language of the Universe. Love comes to you in many forms, but it all begins with self-love. Without self-love, you remain closed to the abundance that the universe has to offer you. How is the Universe speaking to you in your daily life? Although it may seem that barriers and frustrations emerge in your path, remember that this is still the loving message of the Cosmos.

Chakra Healing:

The heart chakra is the central chakra, bridging the lower three with the upper three. It is important to keep this chakra open in order to facilitate the healthy functioning and harmony of the other six. A blocked heart chakra truly does impact all of the other chakras. Remember, you cannot love another until you truly love yourself.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Sit quietly and gently tell yourself that you forgive yourself for all of your perceived mistakes. Stop punishing and blaming yourself. Whisper to yourself that it’s time to heal and know that failure is a sign of encouragement to do things differently. Place your hands on your heart chakra and apply gentle pressure. Breathe deeply three times and then release the hurt into your cupped hands. Symbolically throw away the hurt and shake your hands of its energy. Envision a soft pink light now emanating from your hands and place it on your heart.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

All is well, all will be well.