Today's Energy:

How has your perception been recently? Are you remaining optimistic or have your thoughts been skewed towards dismay, lack, and fear? Today’s energy encourages you to be an observer of your thoughts to see how they are influencing your reality. Your mental lens determines how you perceive reality. If you are given all the blessings in the world but your mind is stuck in the gutter, you will not be able to perceive the good happening to you. By observing your thoughts, you gain insight into how the lens of your mind is operating. Take the time to refocus your thoughts towards hope, optimism, and gratitude.

Chakra Healing:

Cleanse your third eye chakra. This chakra is how you form mental images in your mind. The images you form can either lead to distortion of reality or higher consciousness. Removing blockages in this chakra opens you to see the higher wisdom of spirit activity in your life.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Close your eyes and focus on the in and out of your breathing. Imagine there is an amethyst crystal seated between your two eyebrows. As you continue breathing slowly and with intention, you feel radiant purple energy forming around your amethyst. See this energy growing and notice its ability to make you feel calm and at ease. Spend two minutes allowing this energy to purify your mind and enhance your intuitive vision. When you feel complete, notice how the purple light goes back into the crystal. Softly open your eyes and know you can always cleanse your third eye using this technique.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I am open to seeing the higher wisdom of spirit activity in my life.”