Today's Energy:

To master your personal energy trust is required. You are in the process of learning how to distinguish what types of energy make you thrive. Certain vibrations call to you because they provide the nourishment your spirit needs. Notice today what you naturally gravitate towards. These energies are sending you signs of what makes your spirits soar. By choosing this path of happiness, you are stating you are open and ready to be a conduit for spiritual enlightenment fueled by love.

Chakra Healing:

Today’s chakra healing is an opportunity for you to sense into the energy of your chakras. By learning to trust yourself, you can gain spiritual wisdom directly from source. Deciphering where you can use some re-balance is a wonderful way to heighten your energetic sensitivity.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Choose a meditation that feels right for your energy level today. If you need to rest, try a gentle restorative practice of laying down and sensing into each chakra. If you are feeling called towards movement, a brisk walk will activate your chakras. You may even want to try yoga to enhance your physical well-being. What makes your meditation special is your awareness and intention. During your choice, simply notice how your energy is moving, places where it feels stuck, and areas it seems to be too concentrated. Listen to your body and spirit to realign according to your own intuition.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I am learning how to use my own energy, I follow my intuition to go where I feel called to be.”

Are Your 7 Chakras-Balanced