Today's Energy:

Breathing in a unique bodily function because it happens involuntarily, but can be voluntarily controlled when you focus your mind on it. Today’s energy encourages you to be mindful of your breathing to harmonise with the peaceful energy of the day. By taking time to pause, focus on your breath, and clear your mind, you will gain clarity and connectedness. Your entire body will decrease your built up physical tension through intentional breathing, while your mind’s power of contraction and focus increases. You can always find your energy centre through breathing.

Chakra Healing:

Breathe through your heart chakra. This chakra rules your heart, lungs, and chest. By breathing through this chakra, your lungs become healthier, your inhales are more cleansing, and exhales release stagnant energy in the body.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Find a comfortable seated position and close your eyes. Begin breathing at a steady pace. Gently, place your hands over your heart. As you breathe, feel a shimmering ball of green energy building in your chest. Now, count to three on your inhale breathe and on the exhale count to 6. Do this as slowly as you can. This breathing practice releases all stagnant energy in your body. Spend one minute doing this breathing technique and feeling the peacefulness it brings to your entire body. When you finish, release your hands and open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I use my breath to gain clarity, connection, and relaxation.