Today's Energy:

Sometimes there’s more than meets the eye. Logic tends to only acknowledge the tangible reality, denying the energy flow beneath the surface. If you have a sense about something today, do not feel the need to justify it with reason. It is too premature to point it out to others who do not have the same sense for noticing energy the way you do. In time, you will see you were correct for acting on what you intuitively observed. Until then, have faith in your perspective and trust what you are being shown.

Chakra Healing:

Trust the guidance of your sacral chakra and third eye. You are picking up on emotions that give you perspectives others don’t readily see. In time, your vision will become more apparent and you will be grateful you tuned into your inner guidance.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Today’s meditation will be done throughout the entire day. It is the practice of tuning into your emotional sensations and acknowledging the perspective they offer you. This is a practice of not overanalyzing what’s going on, and simply being present with the flow of energy as it is. You do not need to make judgments of what’s happening, just acknowledge what you are feeling. As you interact with others today, release your mental chatter and notice the emotions underneath the surface influencing all your interactions. Engage with others through the heart and not the head. You will discern a lot more information about the reality of a situation this way.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I tune into my feelings, which give me unique insight.”