Today's Energy:

Speak your hopes and desires out loud today. The energy of the day is filled with possibility, if you have the courage to actively claim and voice what you want. By using the power of the spoken word, you can carve out the reality you wish to manifest. Take time today for writing, praying, and having conversations with others about what you want in life. The vibration of these words will propel you in this direction.

Chakra Healing:

Connect your solar plexus chakra and throat chakra. Your solar plexus chakra is the seat of your creativity, while your throat chakra is how you craft your expression to be shared with others. When these two work in alignment, you can manifest your creative desires with ease.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Find a comfortable seated position and close your eyes. Begin to become aware of your solar plexus chakra just above your navel. Notice a yellow ball of energy becoming activated here and let it engage your creativity. Feel your creative spirit begin to move uninhibited. Now picture what you want to create in your life. Give energy to it. Feel your unlimited creative potential expand as the energy of your throat chakra spins in alignment with the universe. When you feel ready, move this energy up into your throat chakra and speak the words out loud. When you have said all your creative ideas, return to normal consciousness and open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I use my words to create a reality that aligns with my desires.”