Today's Energy:

The energy of today supports an increased focus on your dreams, and hence, increased focus on your third eye chakra. These dreams don’t have to be solely night dreams. Your daydreams are also ways that the universe is connecting with you, nudging you, supporting you. As you begin to embrace the power of your dreams as communication from your universe, so too will you unblock your third eye chakra. Take the time to write down your dreams, even if it’s the middle of the night. This practice will make your dreams more vivid and help you to recall them upon waking.

Chakra Healing:

Cleanse your third eye. When your third eye chakra is blocked so too are your intuitive powers. You might also experience restless sleep. You might find that your mind never turns off and constantly replays a movie of the day’s events, or issues from the past, or fears about the future. As you unblock your third eye chakra the energy flowing in this area will support your spiritual growth and assist you with decision-making.

Mindfulness Meditation:

As you begin this meditative exercise, call to mind something that you’ve been wishing for. Now let the wish rise through your body until it reaches your third eye chakra. Let it sit there for a while and then ask yourself if this wish intuitively feels right for you. Does your intuition support this wish or is the wish coming from someplace else? Do you feel deep down inside that what you want to manifest is for your highest good or more from a mundane level? Just before you go to sleep, revisit this wish and ask for guidance through your dreams. Write down what you remember upon awakening. Notice whether you’re being guided to make this wish manifest.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I trust my dreams and use them as a guide.”