Today's Energy:

When you speak, you create. The frequency of your words can transform your reality. Begin to notice how you speak to yourself during the inner monologue of your mind. Are you reassuring? Do you put pressure on yourself to succeed? Do you chastise yourself if things go wrong? The way your mind speaks to your inner spirit can influence your perception of the present moment. To be in tune with yourself, cultivate a mindset of assurance, growth, and flexibility that gives yourself the safe space to make mistakes and learn from them. Use the energy of today to develop a more loving tone towards yourself.

Chakra Healing:

Notice the connection between your throat chakra and third eye. The energy of how you speak affects how you paint a picture of the world. If you always speak with negativity about the world, you are cluttering your third eye’s clear perception of guidance and love available to you. Link your third eye and throat chakra to become attuned to the harmony in the world.

Mindfulness Meditation:

As you go about your day, become aware of the tone of your voice and quality of your thoughts. It is both the words you speak and the words you tell yourself in your mind that have power to affect how you see reality. Each time you notice a negative, condescending, or pessimistic thought enter your mind, consciously connect with your third eye. Ask this thought to be transformed into a vibration that carries the energy of trust, love, and abundance. Release any lingering negativity by speaking your positive affirmation, singing a musical note, or intoning “om.” You are becoming more aware of the connection between what you speak and your perception, opening a new level of consciousness for you to be a sacred manifestor.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

The words I speak are a reflection of the harmony and love in the Universe.