Today's Energy:

Today’s energy is focused on creating peace in your world, and peace with yourself. As you love yourself you are better able to love others. Focus on the words you speak to yourself. Do you speak kindly to yourself during the day? Or do you constantly berate yourself? Do you speak forgiving words or are you mired in the past, hurling insults at yourself? A blocked throat chakra prohibits an easy flow of energy to this area. As you focus on unblocking this area you’ll notice how the words you speak to yourself will soften.

Chakra Healing:

Release tension in your throat chakra. When your throat chakra is blocked you will find that you have difficulty speaking words of peace to yourself. Your words will be caustic, accusatory, unforgiving – and this may also manifest in physical symptoms such as a sore throat. As the energy to your throat chakra flows freely, you’ll feel less judgmental toward yourself.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Take a piece of paper and jot down things you remember saying to yourself today by putting them in one of two columns: kind words or hurtful words. Notice what column has the most words. If the kind column has more words you are close to having a totally unblocked throat chakra. If you see you need work to do on this chakra because the hurtful column has more words or phrases to assist this chakra in opening. Stay kind about yourself out loud. For example, if you’ve berated yourself for gaining weight, instead of being angry and name-calling, think about saying something like, “I know you are trying and right now you don’t have the results you want, but I have confidence that moving forward you will put your health above mindless eating. I love you.” After the meditation, visit a store that sells gems and rocks. Look over the blue-colored ones such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, aquamarine, or amazonite. Once you find what type of stone attracts you, pick through the stones to select the one that calls to you. Hold them in your hand, allow the stone to pick you. Cleanse the stone upon returning home by placing it in saltwater. After the cleaning, discard the water by throwing it outside, don’t throw it down the drain. Hold the stone in your hand and set an intention for the opening of your throat chakra. 

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“Peace on earth begins with me and starts with the peace I show myself.”