Today's Energy:

Emotions, or energy-in-motion, play a big role in your spiritual journey. Today’s energy may make you feel extra sensitive. This is because you are attuned to the flow of energy happening around you. You notice the look in people’s eyes and sense hidden feelings, even if they are verbally communicated. This extra-sensory perception is a gift. Use it to bring healing and comfort to someone today. Your presence and willingness to listen can really lift someone up and make them feel heard. Small gestures offer great reward.

Chakra Healing:

Honor the sensitivity of your sacral chakra.Release judgement of your emotions. It is okay to feel however you do in the moment; there is no right or wrong response to something. There is no need to avoid certain emotional states, for everything you feel is connected to energy. Simply be present and allow it to flow through you. See what you can learn by accepting your feelings without censorship.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Your sacral chakra is connected to your emotions and passion for life. Elementally, this chakra is linked with fire. For this meditation, find a small candle and match or lighter. Sit down in front of your candle and close your eyes. Feel into your sacral chakra, just below the navel. Set the intention to release feelings of judgement about your emotional expression. Then, light your candle. Spend some time sitting with the flame, allowing it to remove blockages that hinder you from sharing your authentic emotions. If possible, wait until the candle is fully finished burning. When you feel satisfied, snuff out your candle and do a bow to honor your inner emotional guidance with gratitude.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I allow my emotions to flow freely, I allow my feelings to simply be.”