Today's Energy:

Your spiritual well-being is greatly influenced by the way you treat your physical body. Each bite of food you take has its own source of energy. Some can nourish you, boosting your spiritual fitness, while other foods can drain your energy and make you feel cloudy and out of alignment with yourself. Today’s energy calls you to be mindful of your eating habits. For chakra health, you must take care of yourself on all levels. Seek out foods that nourish your body and you will be nourishing your spirit as well.

Chakra Healing:

Connect with your root chakra to make healthy eating choices. This chakra determines the foods you are drawn towards eating. If it is over-active or blocked, you will not choose the best foods for your nourishment, as you’re trying to compensate for the excessive or lacking energy. By balancing this chakra, you naturally will improve your eating habits

Mindfulness Meditation:

This meditation is best done outside. Stand up tall. Notice the connection between the bottom of your feet and the ground. Feel how the ground holds you up; you root chakra does the same for your chakra system. Begin to feel your root chakra becoming activated at the base of your spine. Allow the red energy to move down through your legs and feet and into the ground. Keep breathing as the energy streams through you. This is how you establish a connection with the Earth and strengthen your root chakra. Continue to breathe until your root chakra feels energised. Once you are finished, walk around for a few minutes to solidify this grounding.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I make good food choices to optimise my physical and spiritual health.