Today's Energy:

Today is filled with nature-based energy. As we approach the solstice, it’s a great time to connect more with the natural world. As we do so, we strengthen our connection to nature, of which we are a part. As we honor that connection we begin to live in greater harmony with the earth, with the seasons, and with the moon and sun. Your physical nature connects you to every living thing on Earth. Remember, all species, from monkeys to dogs to humans, all come from the same common ancestor. You are truly one with the world.

Chakra Healing:

Find interconnection through your root. An open root chakra helps you to understand how much a part of the natural world you really are. It helps you to see that you are not alone, but an integral part of the natural world around you. The more you increase your interaction with the natural world, the more you will feel your root chakra opening. 

Mindfulness Meditation:

Today’s meditation is a walking meditation. Find time today to go outside and connect with the earth. Walk on an unpaved surface and if that is not possible, connect as much as you can with the earth below the pavement beneath your feet. Feel your root chakra opening to this connection to the earth. Feel the earth’s energy emanating from its core and traveling through your feet and legs until it connects to the root chakra. Draw this energy in. Now continue walking, looking for bits of nature that you can bring into your home. Evergreen branches, pine cones, twigs with berries. When you return home, decorate your living space with nature. By bringing the natural world inside, you are bolstering this sacred connection.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“Connecting with nature is life-affirming and soul healing.”

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