Today's Energy:

Stepping into liminal spaces, the place between realms, is where true spiritual growth happens. During times of transition and growth, there is always an in-between stage. This can feel unnerving because it is like you’re traveling between two worlds, not where you were before, but also not where you’re headed. Learning to embrace this space will greatly advance your spiritual journey because it helps you to see beyond the illusions surrounding you. Reality is multi-dimensional and so is your being. Today’s energy asks you to remember this and cosmically explore these aspects of your soul.

Chakra Healing:

Align your soul star chakra. This is the 8th chakra located above your crown chakra. When it is blocked, you are cut off from your multidimensional existence and believe you only exist in the present 3-D place. Opening this chakra allows you to access the akashic records, your past lives, and communicate with your spirit guides for healing.

Mindfulness Meditation:

It is important that you only do this meditation if you feel ready to access these higher realms of spirit. Begin by sitting crossed-leg on the floor and centering yourself. Feel rooted and grounded in your seat. Notice energy moving from the base of your spine all the way upward to the crown chakra. Your entire chakra system is now activated. Feel the energy moving up just a few more inches until you can feel a soft white energy glowing just above the crown. Establish a connection to soul star chakra and take a few deep breaths. Through your heart, ask that you receive the guidance you need for this moment in time. Continue breathing evenly and have patience in waiting for the messages to come through. Once you have received your guidance, send gratitude from your heart to the spirit guides of the soul star chakra. Gently recenter yourself and open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I can travel between realms to discover new wisdom, through my soul star chakra I can access the spiritual prism.”