Today's Energy:

Endings precede the new. As you enter the dreaming and scheming phase of new beginnings, focus on what you need to release or end in order to clear the way for the new. Today’s energy supports endings, creating boundaries, and releasing. Fear is a natural part of putting aside the familiar in exchange for what’s new. Embracing that fear will allow you to see it for what it really is: an opportunity for the next exhilarating chapter of life.

Chakra Healing:

In order to accept the new things, people, or opportunities that are poised to enter your life, opening your root chakra is integral. If you want to accept these new things from a place of security and safety you need to release the fear of the new, the unknown. A blocked root chakra holds you back and keeps you living small, in fear.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Breathe deeply, inhaling from your root chakra. Feel the energy moving from the ground into your root chakra. Release the breath with a strong exhale. Feel like you’re drawing up heat and pressure from deep beneath the Earth and then expelling it with each strong whoosh of air out of your mouth. Envision your root chakra strengthening with each breath you take. Visualize a stable, strong tree trunk. Trust that the foundation of a strong root chakra will support growth and stability. Let go of the fear of reaching for the new.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I am safe and secure in receiving the new things the universe is bringing into my life.